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Our International Partners

Our International Partners

Palm Overseas Traffic has been providing top-quality logistics and freight forwarding services worldwide since 1983. With years of expertise, experience, and business partnerships around the world, we offer integrated solutions and management throughout the process, ensuring effective and timely freight transfer. In addition to our headquarters in Athens, Greece, we have established strong partnerships with leading freight forwarding companies across the globe. Here are some of our international partners that help us deliver our services with excellence:

Kronos Shipping, Chicago, USA

Kronos International Shippers, Inc. was established in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois, to cater to the international shipping needs of the Greek-American community. Since then, it has expanded its specialized international shipping services to countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Croatia, and Montenegro, among others. Along with a global network of agents and satellite offices in any destination city, Kronos International Shippers, Inc. provides consumers with the most comprehensive and premium level of service to effectively guarantee shipments against any complications that could arise during their international shipment.

Hermes Overseas Shipping, Montreal, Canada

Hermes Overseas Traffic Inc. handles Full Container Loads (FCL) or Less than Container loads (LCL) mainly to and from Greece (Port of Piraeus), offering full Door to Door or Door to Port service from anywhere in Canada to anywhere around the globe. With safety and timely delivery as its principal goal, it takes great pride in introducing itself as one of the renowned shipping and forwarding agents offering clearance, forwarding, and overseas shipping with relocation services of personal effects, household goods, electrical appliances, and automobiles to the final destination.

Hermes Shipping, Melbourne, Australia

Hermes Overseas Baggage Agency Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company founded in Melbourne in 1964. It specializes in the movement of personal and household effects as well as general and commercial cargo. Hermes Shipping offers both seafreight and airfreight services and caters for items ranging from small parcels to trunks, wooden crates, and full container loads. The company is approved by the Australian Customs Service and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service to handle all facets of clearing imported goods and caters to both FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) shipments.

Hermes International Movers, New York, USA

Hermes International Movers is experienced in all aspects of overseas shipping, offering a wide range of shipping options from comprehensive door-to-door service to vehicle shipping and everything in between, with options to fit any budget. Potential customers can reach out to the company with any questions, concerns, or to request a quote by calling their toll-free number or email.

World Wide Shipping Services, Sydney, Australia

World Wide Shipping Services is a shipping agent and freight company with 30+ years of operations in Australia. The company is experienced in all facets of international shipping, providing top-quality services to customers across the globe.

Kronos International Shipping: Toronto, Canada

Kronos International Shippers Inc. is a small Canadian, international shipping company established in 1982 in Toronto. It possesses a keen expertise for all of your shipping needs, including moving entire households, vehicles, commercial goods, import, and export. The company operates out of its own 10,000ft2 facility, complete with multiple ground-level and truck-level dock doors, forklifts, and racking. Though based in Toronto, the company has the capability to serve all of Canada.

Palm Overseas Traffic takes pride in partnering with the best logistics and freight forwarding companies worldwide to provide our customers with top-quality services. We are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with our partners, as we believe that this is key to delivering an excellent customer experience